Best TVs of CES 2018

Great tech innovations announced

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CES 2018 is over now, but not without giving a glimpse at the future products that the biggest names in the tech industry are preparing. Here is our list of the best TVs of CES 2018 that we think are moving the industry forward.

TCL 6-Series TVs

TCL 6-Series TV
TCL 6-Series TV (Source: TCL)

This year TCL is really bringing the best technologies to the reach of everyone with their 6-Series smart TVs. TCL has had a great success with their line of affordable Roku integrated televisions, and the 6-Series is no exception. It will be available in 55 and 65 inches, and the main features include:

  • 4K HDR performance
  • Roku TV Smart platform
  • Dolby Vision
  • 120 Contrast Control Zones

Take a look at the demo:


Sony really made an amazing TV last year with the introduction of the A1 and it’s innovative back stand design, acoustic surface and it’s X1 Extreme processor. This year Sony got rid of the back stand design and replaced it with a traditional TV stand.

It will be available in 55″ and 65″ models, the main features of the new Sony A8F include:

  • 4K HDR with support for Dolby Vision.
  • X1 Extreme processor with object based HDR remaster.
  • Acoustic Surface for sound that comes out of the screen itself.
  • OLED display for life-like images.

Take a look at the demo video below:




LG W8 OLED TV (Source: LG)

Last year LG OLED TVs where among the best, and this time around they took the excellent OLED displays and improved the technology that powers them. LG focused on improving the following key features:

  • Alpha 9 processor: New processor for improved image quality.
  • HDR integration: support for almost all the HDR standards available (except HDR10+)
  • ThinQ AI: LG is bringing the competition to Alexa with their own voice assistant that powers all their product lineup.

It will be available in 77″ and 65″ display sizes. If you want to know more about the key features you can check our article New LG OLED TVs announced 2018,


LG Rollable OLED TV

Another display from LG, while just a prototype, they showed off an incredibly thin 65 inch OLED TV with 4K resolution that rolls down inside a rectangular base!, the screen has the capability to resize to different aspect ratios, going from full size for general viewing, passing through an ultra-wide mode for movies, resizing to a small display area for showing different information widgets, finally disappearing completely. Let’s hope this prototype gets developed in the near future.

LG Rollable OLED Full
LG OLED Display (Source: LG Display)

LG Rollable OLED Min
LG OLED Display rolled down. (Source: LG Display)


Samsung The Wall

Samsung The Wall
Samsung The Wall (Source: Samsung)

Finally, Samsung went modular with the showcasing of a 146-inch display system named The Wall. Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said:

As the world’s first consumer modular MicroLED television, ‘The Wall’ represents another breakthrough. It can transform into any size, and delivers incredible brightness, color gamut, color volume and black levels. We’re excited about this next step along our roadmap to the future of screen technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers.

It’s not clear if users themselves can assemble the screen size they want by getting enough display modules, or Samsung will sell pre-assembled packages, we expect this modular system to be expensive. You can have a closer look at the modular system in the video below:

Samsung The Wall

Will just have to wait for price and availability.

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